Every once and a while, I end up checking what fields on items have defined standard values. I recently wrote the script below using Sitecore Powershell Extensions.

Get Fields using Standard Values

$rootItem = "master:/sitecore/content/Home"
$hashTable = @{} 
Get-ChildItem $rootItem -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
    $currentItem = $_
    $inheritedFields = "";
    Get-ItemField -Item $currentItem -ReturnType Field -Name "*" `
    | Where-Object {$_.ContainsStandardValue} | Select-Object -Property Name,Value `
    | ForEach-Object{ $inheritedFields += ("[" + $_.Name + ": " + $_.Value + "]")}
    if($inheritedFields -ne "")
        $hashTable.Add($currentItem.ContentPath, $inheritedFields)

$hashTable | Format-Table -AutoSize

The above script will return something pretty basic like:

Name                                                         Value
----                                                         -----
/Path/To/Item                     [Field 1 Name: Field 1 value][Field 2 Name: Field 2 value]
/Home/Words/Pizza/                [Hero Image: <image mediaid="{B309F112-E84A-433C-8E3F-33D3454B0D10}" />]
/Home/Words/Pizza/Pepperoni       [Hero Image: <image mediaid="{B309F112-E84A-433C-8E3F-33D3454B0D10}" />]
/Home/Words/Tacos                 [Option: {4F2F1CAE-F947-41F5-9A4A-C25DBE247F7A}][How Much Meat: 3]
/Home/Words/Burrito               [Number of Returned Options: 3]

I may end up altering this to see if the current field value equals the standard value of the template (use case would be something along the lines of the LayoutDeltaPropagator as a SPE script). Who knows, maybe it will turn into a report, but for now I will run it occasionally just as a sanity check.

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