Recently I came across a site that needed some Project and Solution level refactoring (ugh, namespace changes). Having needed to do this in the past, I was dreading having to go thru the Controller Renderings and having to update the values for the Controller and/or Action to match the new namespace. Thankfully, using a very similar setup as I have in the past, I was able to pull this off easily using Sitecore Powershell Extensions.

Batch Update Rendering Controllers

$rootItem = "master:/sitecore/layout/Renderings/YourSite"
$controllerHash = @{
    "YourSite.Controllers.Tenant.ModulesController, YourSite" = "YourSite.Web.Tenant.Controllers.Tenant.ModulesController, YourSite.Web.Tenant"
    "YourSite.Controllers.Shared.ModulesController, YourSite" = "YourSite.Web.Shared.Controllers.Shared.ModulesController, YourSite.Web.Shared"
    "YourSite.Controllers.Shared.NavigationController, YourSite" = "YourSite.Web.Shared.Controllers.Shared.NavigationController, YourSite.Web.Shared"
    "YourSite.Controllers.Shared.PageFeaturesController, YourSite" = "YourSite.Web.Shared.Controllers.Shared.PageFeaturesController, YourSite.Web.Shared"
    "YourSite.Controllers.Search.SearchPageController, YourSite" = "YourSite.Web.Shared.Controllers.Search.SearchPageController, YourSite.Web.Shared"
$count = 0
Get-ChildItem $rootItem -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
    $currentItem = $_
    Get-ItemField -Item $currentItem -ReturnType Field -Name "Controller" `
    | ForEach-Object{ 
        $newControllerVal = $controllerHash[$_.Value]
            #output itemid and field name
            Write-Host ("[" + $currentItem.ID + ": " + $currentItem.Name + "::" + $_.Name + "]")
            $currentItem[$_.Name] = $newControllerVal

Write-Host "Updated " $count " Found Values"

The above script will return something pretty boring like:

YourSite.Controllers.Renderings.YourSite.Shared.ModulesController, YourSite
[{B7E9BA6C-9961-4D99-922C-C11C1D896F26}: Locations::Controller]
YourSite.Controllers.Renderings.YourSite.Shared.NavigationController, YourSite
[{57804F35-BAF7-4D91-BA36-4EBC7ACFE0D6}: Navigation::Controller]
YourSite.Controllers.Renderings.YourSite.Shared.ModulesController, YourSite
[{89F94535-26CD-483D-9D5E-1D427773B914}: 301 - List with Filter::Controller]
YourSite.Controllers.Renderings.YourSite.Shared.ModulesController, YourSite
[{EB7DD5D5-EC44-4A06-8124-5DABE66BDC98}: 302 - List with no Filter::Controller]
Updated  37  Found Values

I would suggest maybe running the actual script with the editing commented out just to make sure you have proper matches (test it out before you actually update).

    #$currentItem[$_.Name] = $newControllerVal

This all goes without saying, the same code can be used to update Actions, Layout paths and cough Webform cough Sublayout Ascx file paths simply by swapping out the Controller name in the ReturnType Field.

I know this is nothing earth shattering, but again SPE makes the job a little easier.

Hope this helps someone.