alt text Sitecore Everydays. It’s pretty simple in theory: Tweet something relevant to Sitecore every day. But after one year of Sitecore Everydays it’s a bit harder in execution.

What is Sitecore Everydays?

The thought process behind “everydays” is simple: find something you are passionate about and do something relevant every day. This “everydays” concept was something that John Rappel (co-contributor) and myself were inspired to start thru friend Mike Winklemann (aka Beeple):

When Mike isn’t busy creating the performance visuals for Justin Bieber, Katy Pery, Deadmau5 or Zedd, he is busy working on his own everydays. Significantly more challenging than tweeting a Sitecore-ism every day, he creates a unique digital image or video/gif forcing himself to find areas of improvement, areas of interest and overall expanding his understanding and capabilities. His work is absolutely stunning and has grown over the past 10 years of everydays.

Going on that notion, we decided to come up with a shared twitter handle where we would tweet something unique, thought-provoking, obscure, accurate, and relevant to Sitecore; whether it’s some hidden gem that we haven’t seen before, something important on twitter, or just something we see every day in our production work.

Overall intention?

Our goal was as equally simple as the premise: promote activity and conversation in the community. Learn something new, teach something new (or old) to someone who might see this while browsing and to continue to fuel one of the strongest CMS communities in the world even if only in a small way. On top of that, hone our own craft thru digging and mining thru posts, Sitecore code, etc.


There is a lot to know and uncover in Sitecore. We also try to make sure that what we tweet about is both accurate and considered best practice (which has probably the most challenging, enforcing another layer of review). On top of just the material alone, availability was another factor. With holidays, vacations, family gatherings etc, even though it’s one simple tweet, it takes 5-15 minutes to find something worth tweeting about (something that won’t send #venting into a frenzy).

Going forward?

We plan to continue this effort indefinitely. And in the future, if you have a topic you’d like to see us tweet or post about ping John or myself on Slack or twitter. Realizing what we have as far as an audience is a drop in the bucket compared to other Sitecore voice pieces, it might be just enough to have that person in the corner no one is listening to saying something that piques someone elses interest. And in the end, we have learned a lot this year just thru digging, searching and tweeting. It is worth it.

Lastly, thank you to all who have followed and retweeted us. </message>